NTCIR Temporal Information Access (Temporalia) Task



Welcome to the home page of NTCIR Temporal Information Access (Temporalia) Task.

The objective of this task is to foster research in temporal information access. Given the fact that time plays crucial role in estimating information relevance and validity we believe that successful search engines must consider temporal aspects of information in greater detail. Based on our achievements at NTCIR-11, we set technical challenges of Temporalia-2 into the following subtasks: Temporal Intent Disambiguation (TID) Subtask and Temporally Diversified Retrieval (TDR) Subtask, at NTCIR-12.

Please contact us for informal enquiries: tc4fia at googlegroups dot com.

Temporalia is also described in the recent publication:

Hideo Joho, Adam Jatowt, Roi Blanco, Hajime Naka, and Shuhei Yamamoto: Overview of NTCIR-11 Temporal Information Access (Temporalia) Task, In Proceedings of the NTCIR-11 Conference, Tokyo, Japan, pp. 429-437, 2014.

For more information, please read our publications.

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